19 juin 2019: Stop sexual violence during conflicts !

This June 19 is a special day for our humanity. A date on the calendar to remind us that the elimination of sexual violence in times of conflict! There are far too many abuses that are repeated throughout the world.

The United Nations reminds us: “The use of rape as a weapon of war must be combated by all means and rapists and their superiors brought to justice”. This international day should remind us that international treaties must bear the mention of combat, justice and protection for all those who live them on a daily basis. The international community must become aware and act in the fight against all forms of violence!

Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, women in Iraq, women in so many other countries are, with their daughters, the first victims of sexual abuse. A worn and abused body as a weapon of war. This must stop!

Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2018, reminded us in his speech at the World Peace Forum in June 2019, and in each of his travels, that solutions exist but we must have the will to put an end to them. It also encourages women and children to denounce and “break the silence… to destroy the absolute weapon of the perpetrators and prevent them from being punished with impunity”.


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