1st Congress of the International Mukwege Chair – 13,14,15 november 2019

Rape is a weapon of war! This is an undeniable fact during armed conflicts throughout the world. Unfortunately, this phenomenon affects women, children and very young children. Babies are not even spared.

How can this violence be prevented? Where did it come from? How to repair physical and psychological injuries?

Addressing this issue and its specificity, and developing the first responses in an interdisciplinary manner, is the subject of this first International Congress of the Mukwege Chair at the University of Liège in November 2019.

It will provide a platform for scientists (doctors, psychologists, lawyers, anthropologists, historians, economists, philosophers) working on this theme, and it will also give a voice to NGOs and associations working in different fields, which will highlight the contextual and cultural variables that guide the choice of answers.

To learn more https://events.uliege.be/congress-mukwege-chair/en/

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