A new playground for children

During their mission in July 2018, Professors Blavier and De Keyser provide a methodological seminar to familiarize the psychological staff with a quantitative scientific approach, given the number of cases treated. The President goes to Kavumo to meet the local authorities and representatives of victims’ associations, and to offer them a memorandum of cooperation. She emphasizes the importance of community support for EPA’s work and explains how therapy can help rebuild a vulnerable and self-doubting child.

With Professor Blavier and Denis Mukwege, The President of the Association inaugurates the new playground offered by EPA in Panzi. Thanks to funding from Wallonie Bruxelles International, the other playground having been placed at the Bulenga hospital in 2017. Finally, the President announced a restructuring and expansion of the EPA team in Panzi, to meet the requirements of the new contract signed with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This contract, which begins on August 1, provides, in addition to the continuation of therapeutic activities in Kavumo, Bunyakiri and Bulenga, the gradual creation of a pole of excellence in the psychological care of the child. The new coordinator will be SIFA NTAMWENGE, supported by two young psychologists, one based in Kavumo, the other in Bunyiakiri.

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